Claus AHLF

Claus AHLF


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Claus AHLF [1]


Type Date Place Sources
birth about 1840 Holstein, Germany search of this place [2]
death New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin search of this place [3]
naturalization 1872 Wisconsin search of this place [4]


1 Ahlf _all.GED
Abbreviation: Ahlf _all.GED
2 Ahlf _all.GED
Abbreviation: Ahlf _all.GED
3 Ahlf _all.GED
Abbreviation: Ahlf _all.GED
4 Ahlf _all.GED
Abbreviation: Ahlf _all.GED


Title Ahlf LandKehdingen & Related
Description File of 8000 Ahlf from Land Kehdingen and relatives. Some on to US. In process of developing many family trees and trying to unify into larger family groups. Would like to receive any Ahlf data and seconcarily Land Kehdingen data since additional names sometimes are missing link
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Submitter user's avatar Kent Ahlf aus
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