Gustav KOPP

Gustav KOPP


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Gustav KOPP
Occupation Fernkraftfahrer


Type Date Place Sources
birth 23. January 1927 Kalnenen / Litauen search of this place
death 28. October 1997 Wankendorf search of this place


1 A Web Site, Gustav Kopp
Author: Angelika Betsch

MyHeritage family tree

Family site: A Web Site

Family tree: 72040501-13
2 Wilhelm /Petereit/Web Site,
Author: Susan J Knight

MyHeritage family tree

Family site: Wilhelm /Petereit/Web Site

Family tree: 139733851-41


Title Wilhelm, Petereit Family Tree
Description Wilhelm Family Name is from Marzhausen, Neu-Eichenberg, Werra- Meissner-Kreis, Hessen, Deutschland and the most recent births for my 3rd grandparents in Linden, Hannover, Germany Petereit Family name is from Prussia and ending with my great grandfather in Tauroggen, Lithuania Krompholz Family name if from Salzburg, Österreich and then moved to Lithuania. Wenger, Pfieffenberger, Amaisserin, Neufang Family names are from Bad Hofgastein, Salzburg, Austria and Undberg, Salzburg, Austria and also Dorff, Salzburg, Austria
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