Friedrich Christian Ernst KEYSEL, KAYSEL

Friedrich Christian Ernst KEYSEL, KAYSEL


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Friedrich Christian Ernst KEYSEL, KAYSEL
Occupation (1807-1852:) Pastor search of this place


Type Date Place Sources
baptism 1773 St.Marien in Neu-Haldensleben near Magdeburg (Paten: Frau Kr.(wahrsch. Kriegs)Rath Rükkert, Frau Bürgermstr. Natan, H. AcciseEin. Scholz) search of this place
birth 1773 Neu-Haldensleben near Magdeburg/ Erzbistum Magdeburg (today: Sachsen-Anhalt), Holy Roman Empire of German Nation =Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation search of this place
burial 1867 Kirch-Grubenhagen near Güstrow, Mecklenburg search of this place
death 1867 Teterow near Güstrow, Mecklenburg search of this place
AName: not,or ... (Order of names really C.F.E., but in the authorized written copy of his birth record Friedrich is underlined, thus he is called Friedrich, and my system needs the name as 1st, by which the person i search of this place
AGeburt: not,or... (authorized written copy: thus not [other sources:] 1774) search of this place
ATod: not, or ... (of "Altersschwäche") search of this place
AAdDivMarChHist (No siblings baptized in Neu-Haldensleben 1773-1780. Er steht in der VZL 1819 in Kirch Grubenhagen.) search of this place
AStory 1.Teil (Lutheran. 1807 Pastor in Jabel, 1812-1852 in Kirchgrubenhagen bei Malchin. search of this place
Sight tod./Main gen.probl Kirchgrubenhagen church: portrait. Contrary to some notes he probably never was "Arbeitsmann in Liessow" and obviously is n o t father of Friederica KAYSEL b:1809. These data obviously belong to Fri search of this place
Data completeness v+v search of this place
AStory 2.Teil He probably never was "Arbeitsmann in Lüssow [probably Liessow]", that should be a mixture with Friedrich KAYSEL born 1782.) search of this place
marriage 1807 Alt Kalen near Malchin near Teterow, Mecklenburg (not 29-9-1808, this is birth of 1st child) search of this place

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Alt Kalen near Malchin near Teterow, Mecklenburg (not 29-9-1808, this is birth of 1st child)
Henriette Catharina Maria SUSEMIHL

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