Gustav Johannes Julius WITT

Gustav Johannes Julius WITT


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Name Gustav Johannes Julius WITT


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birth 6. October 1854 Hamburg, DE search of this place
death 25. September 1928 Hamburg, DE search of this place

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Melina Adelaide Ottilie BARWASSER

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Title Schröder Dithmarschen und mehr

Schröder Familie

Contributions to a chronicle of the peasant family Schröder (Arkebek-Fiel line) – compiled by Ludolf Schröder-Hamburg Excellent family chronicle with comprehensive documentary material; Ludolf Schröder-Hamburg compares family history to local and regional history.

The signature charts that feature the signatures of 20 ancestors from between 1661 and 1926 are quite original. There are elaborate commentaries on the approx. 400 members of the Schröder family and also on their relatives.The Schröders were also the first dwellers of the Friedrichskoog. The family tree is complemented by countless portraits and contemporary illustrations of house and farm. Among the first known ancestors are the big reformer Wiebke Nannen of Dithmarschen and her father Peters Hans Nannen of Hemmerwurth who was “one of the 48” [collectively ruling patriarchs who fought off the Danish king in 1550 and thus preserved Dithmarschen as an independent farmers’ republic until 1550] . The first known ancestor is Peter Gude (* around 1403) who was the mayor of Rendsburg in 1564.

Source: Chronicle of the peasant family Schröder of Dithmarschen, Arkebek-Fiel line, 1926

Notes: People who were born north of the Elbe before 1920 were Lutherans and thus their religion is only mentioned in case of deviation. Note: Many families that lived in the region before 1864 can be found in Danish archives [where the nationality of the families is misleadingly indicated as Danish], because the region was under the rule of the Danish crown. In my works I generally write “Germany”. I use abbreviations for Schleswig-Holstein [SH], Germany [DE], Lower Saxony [NS] and others. Please e-mail corrections and advice to


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