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Type Date Place Sources
birth 1896 Hemmoor Oste, Hemmoor Ksp, Neuhaus, Hannover Stade search of this place
death Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA search of this place
immigration 10. December 1923 Ship Cleveland, Hamburg-New York search of this place
marriage 11. September 1926 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA search of this place

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11. September 1926
Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
Henry BAUM

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thomas b snow in New Rochelle?

Name Henry Baum
Geschlecht Male
Alter 34
Geburtsjahr (geschätzt) 1892
Name des Vaters Robert Baum
Name der Mutter Josephine Deforney
Name des Ehepartners Martha Brockmann
Geschlecht des Ehepartners Female
Alter des Ehepartners 30
Geburtsjahr des Ehepartners (geschätzt) 1896
Name des Vaters des Ehepartners Henry
Name der Mutter des Ehepartners Marie Hilderbrandt
Marriage Date 11 Sep 1926
Heiratsort Kings, New York, United States
Art des Ereignisses Marriage

Name: Martha Baum
[Martha Brockmann]
Gender: Female
Ethnicity/ Nationality: American;German (American)
Marital status: Married
Age: 40
Birth Date: abt 1896
Birth Place: Germany
Other Birth Place: Hemmoor
Last Known Residence: New Rochelle, USA.
Place of Origin: United States of America
Departure Port: Hamburg, Germany
Arrival Date: 18 Sep 1936
Arrival Port: New York, New York, USA
Final Destination: Brooklyn, New York
Years in US: Permanently
Citizenship Intention: Yes
Height: 5 Feet, 1 Inches
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Money in Possession: 10
Person in Old Country: Hinrich Brockmann
Person in Old Country Relationship: Father
Person in US: Anna Holten
Person in US Relationship: Sister
Father: Hinrich Brockmann
Sibling: Anna Holten
Ship Name: Hamburg



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Description Unterschiedliche Brockmann Familien
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