Christian BRYDE

Christian BRYDE


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Name Christian BRYDE


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birth 11. May 1823 Kongsberg, Norway search of this place
death 17. January 1860 Brooklyn, New York, USA search of this place
marriage 18. May 1851 Drammen, Norway search of this place

Spouses and Children

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18. May 1851
Drammen, Norway
Ulrikke Margrethe Elise WEDEGE

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BIOGRAPHY: From Walter "Bud" Stanley Bryde Jr.:
Christian and Ulrikka Bryde came to the United States from Copenhagen, Denmark in 1851; he was Norwegian, and she was Danish. Christian established his own business in Brooklyn, New York, and three of their sons, Christian (nicknamed Charlie), Harry Lawrence, and William were born there from 1853 to 1858. He was cheated out of his business byhis business partner and died in 1860 before his fourth son, Wesley, was born in 1860. Ulrikka was left destitute. In desperation she placed Christian and Harry in a fondling home, and they were thentaken in by foster parents. She returned to Denmark with the 2 younger boys, where William was left to be raised by other members of the Bryde family and remained the rest of his life. In 1865, afterreturning again to the United States with son Wesley, Ulrikka married Emanuel Jorganson, a Union Army officer, and settled in Alexandria, Virginia with him and her sons Christian, Harry, and Wesley. Eventually, Harry Lawrence Bryde returned to Brooklyn and began a butter, eggs, and cheese business, which became very prosperous. In 1880 he married Clara Melissa Naus, who had been born in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada of German descent. Five of their seven children survived to adulthood. Harold Tracy Bryde grew up in New York City and in World War I served in France with the New York 7th InfantryRegiment. Upon his return he established a local trucking firm in New York. In 1920 Harold married Clara Augusta Smith (see Smith Family), and their daughter, Doris Beverly, was born in 1922. After recovering from serious injuries suffered as a passenger in a taxi-cab accident he enrolled in medical school, from which he graduated in 1936. He and his family then returned to New York, where he became a practicing osteopathic physician, which he continued until his death in 1946. Doris Beverly Bryde entered Cornell University at the age of 16, and in three years had compiled sufficient creditsto be accepted at Duke University Medical School. Instead, she remained at Cornell and graduated at age 20 as a chemistry major. She then became the first woman research chemist hired by The Texas Company, where she remained until her marriage to Robert D. Courtright (see Courtright Family).

From Bjorn Bryde in Horten, Norway:
"Christian Bryde moved from Kongsberg to Drammen in 1836 and startet his education to be a goldsmith, and later to Copenhagen for the same reason. He married in Drammen May 18th 1851 to Ulrike Margrethe Elise Wedege, born in Fredriksberg, Copenhagen, May 22nd 1820. She was the daughter of Sören Wedege, a Danish officer of the Crown, born in Hobro, Denmark May 16th 1769, and Henrikke Elisabeth Petersen, born in Copenhagen, May 11th 1795."


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