Herman Anton ZURFEHR

Herman Anton ZURFEHR


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Herman Anton ZURFEHR


Type Date Place Sources
baptism 4. March 1781 Heede search of this place
burial 15. January 1848 Heede search of this place
death 12. January 1848 Heede search of this place
marriage 21. May 1822 Heede search of this place
marriage 18. April 1826 Heede search of this place

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
21. May 1822
Engelina (Engel) AHRENS
Marriage Spouse Children
18. April 1826
Anna Gesina Kampken gnt. HUNFELD

Notes for this person

Doopboek Heede, St. Petrus, 1781, pagina 77. Doopouders: Bernhard Zurfehr en Adelheid Schmitz. Trouwboek Heede, St. Petrus, 1822, pagina 9 nummer 8. Scan nummer 11. Huwelijksgetuigen: Gerhard Ahrens en Johan Zurfehr. Trouwboek Heede, St. Petrus, 1825, pagina 14 nummer 4. Scan nummer 17. Huwelijksgetuigen: Herman Feldhues en Otte Hunfeld. Begraafboek Heede, St. Petrus, 1848, pagina 29 nummer 2. Scan nummer 32.


Title Afstammelingen Hermannus Zurfehr
Description Terfehr aus Heede
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