Elisabeth Henriette Adolfine A.A.Sofie BOELITZ

Elisabeth Henriette Adolfine A.A.Sofie BOELITZ


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Elisabeth Henriette Adolfine A.A.Sofie BOELITZ


Type Date Place Sources
birth 3. March 1864 Coesfeld, Münster, Westfalen search of this place
census 1900 Außerhalb von Meck.-Schwerin geb. weibliche Personen: 2333 (Rostock) Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany search of this place
death 18. November 1938 D 481.. Münster / NRW search of this place




1 Deutschland, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Volkszählung, 1900
Publication: MyHeritage
 Two types of forms are found for each town: The Zählkarten and the Haushaltungslisten. The Zählkarten list individuals and give the date and place of birth, occupation, residence, gender and maritalstatus, etc. The Haushaltungslisten list the inhabitants of a given household and show relationship to the head of the household.


Title Familie Toelken
Description Bremer Familienverbindungen Europa und alle Welt.
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